Registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 No. 384/1998.
NITI AYOG Registration No. KL/2018/0198482



We have 3 types of Memberships

  1. Annual Membership

    Granted to students and young social activists

  2. Life Membership

    Granted to selected, socially committed persons who holds voting power in AGM and is in the active group that decides the programs and sanctions the projects of TRACK

  3. Institutional Membership

    Granted to corporate companies with social outlook, who can support the projects and activities of the organization

We accept donations for various programs conducted by Trauma Care to create awareness about Road Traffic accidents, Disaster Management and other missions.

Large funds are required for training volunteers for Road Traffic accidents and Disaster Management. Contributions and donations are accepted for this too. A Disaster Management system requires large scale equipment for the purpose of Rescue operations and medical emergency equipment. This is an area that needs contributions.

We have already begun a Care for Elderly program to care for the aged and solitary- a big problem in Kerala due to the breaking of joint families and the migration of youngsters abroad. This is an area where we require large scale donations.

We solicit contributions from individuals and corporate companies with altruistic social commitment in developing a better tomorrow PROGRAMS